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Mission & Values

Blonka Movement Mission, Vision, and Principles on Bridging the Gap

Blonka Movement Advocates for


  • Financial Literacy 

  • Feed the Hungry

  • Financial Literacy

  • Mass Incarceration

  • Education and Economic Advancement

  • Along with Clothe the Homeless

  • Mental Health

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Criminal Justice Reform

  • Ameliorate Police Relations 

  • We are bringing Awareness to Extracurricular Activities. 

  • Kids with Special Needs and Boil Water Advisory

  • B.M. is providing services from one community to the next. 


Vision Statement

     Blonka Movement started with the faith of a mustard seed and has grown within our Organization through our strong network of volunteers, donors, and partnerships. We are bridging the gap between the Youth and Community activists, providing a better solution that has been proven to create a solid foundation for the next generation to follow.

     As paragon leaders, in times of crisis when the city lacked funding, The Blonka Movement became the solution; in hopes of preventing Boil Water Advisory. Donating Premium Alkaline Water during disasters and provided resources to decrease homelessness while providing Mentorship to the youth. When one of us becomes affected, we all become involved.

     We stopped searching for shoulders to lean on while the homeless community was increasing overnight; we walked, feed, cloth, and created a voice for the people.

The statistic shows the majority of crimes around the city were due to the troubled youth, who's facing different imbalance within the scales and lacked positive tools. We geared up & redirected the focus. We continued advocating for schools to keep extracurricular activities through our Reach One Teach One Program to prevent the youth from engaging in unproductive activities. Honoring the head of Band & Orchestra along with Athletics per school using music as a Universal language to bring us together. We have taken a principled approach to Bridge the Gap and becoming the Solution to Global issues.


     Blonka Movement's core values are to preserve the community in which we serve and align our mission amongst global issues—bridging the gap through the voice of our passionate volunteer base, who works tirelessly to achieve the overall mission. Our projection is to remain students and great listeners as we shape the culture with our diverse approach. Our legacy is, no one gets left behind. With prolific Ambassadors ranging from Political Leaders, C.E.O.s, Directors, Athletes, Student Body, and Community philanthropists; Using their voice and platform to uplift and touch the community.  


     We operate with our hearts; in a moment of urgency, we see no color with a highly skilled, diverse staff to prevent language barriers. We are relieving the suffering of individuals by trusting us to help. Our mission is to support and restore; we started as one and grew our network within the thousands. We're on the frontlines; even if we must sponsor ourselves to accommodate the people in a timely fashion, we don't believe in waiting, so we work effortlessly utilizing our powerful resources to be a part of our prevention team.


     To facilitate every type of concern or crisis, we must be transparent in our views and remain neutral, serving all. 


     Blonka Movement is Independent and abides by the national societies, which govern and operate under the state and federal laws administered under E.E.O.C. Auxiliaries in their government's humanitarian service, which will be subject to the laws of their respective countries. 

Voluntary Service 


     Blonka Movement is a voluntary relief movement. We do not operate for gain.



     There's One Blonka Movement Non-Profit Organization. The culture of our being is unity and peace. We must be open to all and continue to carry out our mission through our humanitarian work throughout its territory.  

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