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Global Financial Literacy Program, inspired by Jay-Z's album, looks to inspire teens. Blonka Movement 4:44 Financial Literacy Global Tour. 

A Global Tour is coming to a Local school near you.

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Leaders and Celebrities have a sense of responsibility to re-direct their communities, then break out and lend a helping hand from state to state. There's violence in every community, and the youth is leading high in that category with numbers. Their reality towards life Is immediately accessible through the rapid changes of social media influence, as falsehood and narratives are projected onto our potential scholars who are misguided and unprepared for real-world responsibilities. Mentorship, values, and principles start in the household. Since the millennials are walking their journies blindly, we must utilize our resources, influencers, books, and mentors to steer scholars down a professional career path or entrepreneur pathway that will produce sustainability and financial freedom while projecting an unlimited trajectory per their foundation security.



Blonka Movement has been thy Pioneer in Addressing the Literacy & Economics Advancement Crisis Since 2009.

Through, but not limited to, the programs below.

(CCR) (AP) (CTE) (CCP) ( Jumpstart ) ( S.T.E.M )

Quest For Success

Redirecting "Incarcerated Youth" Advocating for Prison Reform, Foster Care, and more

Book Of Keyz Part 1 ( College Readiness book )


As we embark on our B.M. 4:44 Financial Literacy Tour state to state, our mission started with helping Middle & High Schoolers educate underserved communities. Through our experience & data, we have evolved to Universities to cover a more extensive scope of decision-makers through Our Reach One Teach One Program. Blonka Movement has dedicated the time and resources to implement our College Readiness program and book to advance all students factoring in the balance of career and college decision-making. 

Topics we've covered in our program when partnering with area schools under the direction of the designated Teacher/Professor are as follows

(Part One) Under | Reach One Teach One Program


Intro Presentation | B.M. Financial Literacy 101 | Getting to know our audience by doing a Q&A followed by: The Great Debate & Research

Background On Household Dynamics | Work-based Challenges

Credit Profile Discovery | Credit | Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards

Class Participation | Mock-Interviews | Open discussion & research | Q&A on their favorite artist and music to listen to and why?

Discovering the difference between Healthy Relationships with the Bank & Personal relationships that can alter our path if we don't secure the foundation, we factor in life tools that can provide stability. Having tools is one thing, but knowing what to do has to be taught in underserved communities where many are far behind. 


The 4:44 Album has opened Pandora's Box of limitless possibilities, where we acknowledge lyrics with a message with context. Music is a Universal language that amalgamates us all, so what we listen to, we must study and look into to see if there is value in what we feed our nucleus. We've mastered a way to make learning fun as a redirection method to keep the youth from engaging in unproductive activities. We meet students at their level, speaking their language, touching the youth with our Impact and culturally diverse awareness with our lean on me heartfelt investment. Were the mentors & trailblazers of the nurtures and village of teachers who have innovated new ways to solve the progress needed in the educational system, in conjunction with us assisting the schools & universities through our program as the next level piece of the puzzle.


Jay-Z Lyrics: We're all screwed because we never had the tools. Financial freedom is our only hope- Inspired A Global Tour


We dissect that statement with a healthy dialogue within our research. We build off that by driving into credit, education, and entrepreneurship while redirecting them with resources to ensure their Plan (B) makes their Plan (A) work by betting on themselves. We also discovered that some students never knew that credit has no end, introducing work ethic, grit, well-roundedness, discipline, and observing distractions. They find out the mindset & thinking to obtain such a reality, factoring in the seasoning of a well-rounded being. The Supreme Wisdom absorbed from "Book Of Key Part 1" opens up doors, vision from a new lens, and perspective of sound as they retain further information from a book that serves as a tangible blueprint, crediting 4:44 as we demonstrate a conscious society within a society. Imagine if we had more conscious minds. 

Credit beats money, yet life responsibilities require us to have money. Money is not to be glorified, yet we understand we can become the change needed to elevate the family tree. This mindset ship or plane starts with the generation's audience, past, present & future, and their trajectory as change makers creating laws for all. Blonka Movement has trailblazed for years inside the school system to spark the thought behind the next inspiration who can bring about change from a leadership position. However, our legacy is the reward of a foundation of consistency and a "void" that our movement has bridged the wealth & opportunity gap since 2008. 



(Part 2) Under | Reach One Teach One Program

Credit Breures | High Credit Usage | 0-30% rule | Principal and Profit | Rapid Credit | LLC | SAT's | ACT's | Household Dynamics | Transcripts | Student Loans | Debt | Entrepernuership |

Prison Reform | Prison Incarceration | Revolving Credit | Our Formula, etc...

In underserved communities, we work hands-on with area schools from state to state; through our assessment and state reviews, most students are not reading and performing at their grade level, and everyday teaching is not being taught. If you can think back to when you were in school, so much has changed. After assessing underserved schools, core curriculums are no longer being implemented, including factoring in budgets that get cut from schools for several reasons. The downside is that the student misses that exposure/opportunity window in a "school setting" that is supposed to prepare them for adulthood and life responsibilities.

It's easier to educate a student in school vs. an adult far removed with life responsibilities monopolizing their downtime correlating to the average reader statistics. Financial freedom is becoming a figment of students' imagination due to several factors based on our Q&A studies per class, including their home environment, lack of parental figures, financial hardships, lack of stability, spirituality, and so much more.

Some parents are allowing social media to cultivate the thinking of their offspring's reality & most parents, in all fairness, are confined to several nine-to-five obligations. When their child comes from school, the teaching window and connection from school are missed and suppressed during that window. Without mentorship, there's no outlet to prepare them for life expectancy or to put themselves in a position to help push the culture forward. To reach them, we also implement Judges, CEOs, Celebrities, and paragon leaders to show them firsthand whom they can become and put in perspective how they can reach triumph.

Blonka Movement is bridging the gap by connecting with students at their level, amalgamating music, and breaking down credit lyrics as the key to grabbing their attention. Our goal is to produce assist with productive citizens, entrepreneurs, graduates, and law-abiding citizens that will become change-makers. During our school lectures, we are supervised by the designated teacher; our Financial Literacy suggested reading tool, Book Of Keyz Part 1, is donated to students as a college readiness tool. In every class, at least six students or more have been involved with the Prison System; more than half the class is growing up in a household without both parents. Once we've established a genuine bond, we become a part of their class, and you feel compelled to help. To sponsor our books, email  

Request our Reach One Teach One program at a School near you. Let's save the youth by redirecting their focus as we bridge the wealth & opportunity gap by teaching & providing resources to our future leaders.

We partner with area schools through Financial Literacy, STEM, Textbook Aid, Library Material Aid, Career Financial Management, Early College Programs, Vocational Training, Work-based Learning, Computer Repair, CCP, Computer System Support, Electrical Engineering, Culinary, Special Service Aid, BOCES Aid, Quest For Success, A.P., CTE Programs, Consultant to the institution, per the budgets, and more. As a bonus, we also incorporate Zoom meetings with students when instructing from a distance to help assist with earning college readiness credits or endorsed diplomas; through work-based challenges. Our presentation gives students a firsthand fill our virtual communication, which is a college mindset for preparation.

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Meet Alyssa, Recipient of our Idol Awards & Book Of Keyz Part 1 School Donation to the entire class. Student under the CTE Program & Business Course at John Ehret High School.
As a mentee of Ms. Blonka

Blonkas Mentee Now Havard Student.jpg

John Ehret High School
Marrero, LA

CTE Program & Business Course

john ehret debate.JPG

Q&A & Background

Notes: Presentation

The "Great" Debate

Work-Based/Place Challenge

Research: Class Participation

Resource: Books & Mentorship

Homework: B.M.

Reach 1 Teach 1 Program &
Mentorship Program

George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School: G-House (CTE Program) Electrical Engineer Course, CCR, Brooklyn, NY

George Westinghouse CTE Students .JPG

Let's move the youth forward together...

Outsource our faculty and Partner with our Program as we are the nurturers and advocates of today's time.

Glenville High School " English Course "
Cleveland, Ohio ( B.O.K. Pt1 English Literature Books)

" Donated to the entire class."

Glenville High School; Cleveland, OH.jpg
Glenville High School Teacher Feedback 4_44 Financial Literacy Tour .jpg
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