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Quoted:  Changing perception across the geographic with a Universal approach leading with an open mind to diverse views and imagery. Our Reach One Teach One Honors Programs is curated with a panel of CEOs, Judges, Lawyers, Athletes, and more to display In-Person imagery as to who the youth can become, influencing them off the streets. Grooming the mind of the 85% through Book Of Keyz Part 1 as this revolution will be televised.

 - Blonka Mack 


The Blonka Movement has been actively servicing communities in Louisiana since 2009 and later Inaugurated in 2017 by Nola Native, Trailblazer, Philanthropist, Author, Former Mental Health Counselor, Spiritual Life Coach, Civil, and Human Rights leader, Blonka Mack. Catering to clothing & feeding the homeless early on sparked thy groundbreaking "Movement." Ranging from community volunteers, paragon leaders, judges, law enforcement, lawyers, executives, athletes, entrepreneurs, pedestrians, and more in hopes of filling a humanly necessary void. Minus government assistance or action behooved the B. M. Organization to find innovative solutions to a global issue. The only solution was to become the solution. Uniting for a more significant cause become a key factor, which ignited a mission that seemed inconceivable; due to the lack of support in underserved communities.


Partnership with Mercedes-Benz Superdome & Microsoft gave volunteers a sense of relief with a newfound commitment to exploring environmental change. 


Music is a universal language that unites us globally, it teaches one to become disciplined. Our Music is Power Program has an impact on students around the world. Creating a safe environment, while discovering who they are, becoming a  student of their craft embarking on a new career path. Students who join extra curriculum activities are more effective as statistics show. There's an increase in grade performance as well as social skills. Music is a demonstration of one's talent, freedom of expression intertwining diverse backgrounds with a positive message.      


Our mission is to continue facilitating the less fortunate and uplifting the youth with our Mentorship Outreach Assistance Program.  Our legacy has traveled through the hallways of prestigious Universities, Public & Private Schools, Corporate, Shelters, Hospitals, Foster Homes, and more. With the amalgamation of "Liberty Alkaline" sponsorship, and contributions made on behalf of extracurricular programs. 


Our goal is to redirect the youth, with hands-on mentoring. Grooming our future leaders classified as students, into becoming productive citizens of the world. Reach One Teach One Program honored Kipp Renaissance High School Marching Band as thy current Recipients of the 2017 school year. 2018 Pandora's Box Highest Achievement Award & DeGeneres Motto, bestowed upon Grace King High School Orchestra & Band. Each year to a year and a half board members narrow it down to the top schools of choice, in hopes to honor the cream of the crop. The final decision is made by the CEO, followed by a one-on-one interview.  As Kipp holds the title of thy first to acquire the Highest Achievement Award, "Stop the Violence with Discipline and Music."  This reputable award is bestowed upon the musical department paying homage to the honoree and student body. Paragon director, who possesses great merit, poise, and leadership.


Our Motto is simple, we operate with integrity, propelled by discipline, persistence, and humbleness. Quoted, "A need for one is a need for all." Bringing awareness to those in position, waking the minds of the comfortable with solutions of the dissatisfied. Without taking any political stance bringing love to the forefront.