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Inspired by: 4:44 with Context

As we embark on our 4:44 Financial Literacy Tour state to state, our mission is to help educate Middle & High Schoolers on the importance of Financial Intelligence. Our Reach One Teach One Program redirects the youth from unproductive activities through music & education, meeting students where they are in life.

Topics we cover,

Prison Reform & Prison Incarceration
Credit Profile, Credit, Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards, Healthy Relationships with the Bank, 4:44 with context, Credit Breures, High Credit Usage, 0-30% percent rule, Principal and Profit, Rapid Credit, LLC, SAT's, ACT's, Household Dynamics, Transcripts and so much more.


In underserved communities, we work hands-on with area schools state to state; through our assessment, most students are not reading and performing at their grade level, and everyday teaching is not being taught. If you can think back to when you were in school, so much has changed, and after assessing underserved schools, core curriculums are no longer being implemented. Financial freedom is becoming a figment of their imagination due to several factors based on our Q&A studies per class, including their home environment, lack of parental figures, financial hardships, lack of stability, spirituality, and so much more.

Some parents are allowing social media to cultivate the thinking of their offspring's reality & most parents, in all fairness, simply are confined to several nine to five obligations. When their child comes from school, the teaching window and connection from school are missed and suppressed during that window. Without mentorship, there's no outlet to prepare them for life expectancy or to put themselves in a position to help push the culture forward. To reach them, we also implement Judges, CEOs, Celebrities, and paragon leaders to show them firsthand whom they can become and put in perspective how they can reach triumph.

Blonka Movement is bridging the gap by connecting with students at their level, amalgamating music, and breaking down credit lyrics as the key to grabbing their attention. Our goal is to produce productive citizens, entrepreneurs, graduates, and law-abiding citizens that will become change-makers. During our school lectures, we are supervised by the designated teacher; our Financial Literacy tool, Book Of Keyz Part 1, is donated to students as a college readiness tool. In every class, at least six students or more have been involved with the Prison System; more than half the class is growing up in a household without both parents. Once we've established a genuine bond, we become a part of their class, and you feel compelled to help. To sponsor our books, email  

Request our Financial Literacy Lecture at a School near you. Let's save the youth by redirecting their focus as we bridge the wealth gap by teaching & providing resources to our future leaders.

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Meet Alyssa, Recipient of our Idol Awards & Book Of Keyz Donation
As a mentee of Ms. Blonka, she is now one of the youngest to be accepted to Harvard University.

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