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" Book Of Keyz Part 1 "

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To keep our "Feed the Hungry , Cloth the Hungry, Stop the Violence Events and continuing our Boil Water Advisory donation assistance due to a local & global issue.  To remain active with  pure efforts, we are sponsored in-house 1st then we work with outside Companies to fulfill a bigger mission. We believe in not waiting for assistance and bridging the Gap Now! 10% of all proceeds goes towards raising awareness for Kid's with Special Needs, Prison Reform & Boil Water Advisory. Increasing Financial Literacy across America, taught in BOK Part 1.

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About Book Of Keyz:Part 1

Book of Keyz is bestowed upon thy new gatekeeper in Synchronicity by the tree of life. Inspired by thy son, of my empires. E’Lon, which means Oak or Tree = Oak Tree in Hebrew. You will discover a tribe of advice and quotes to raise you from your past thinking and behaviors. It is a Moral Compass guiding your insperience while awakening the mind through a spiritual journey.


A direct reassurance of consistent navigation towards your next move, transforming you into a Supreme being. Advocating for Psychology, Foster Care, Mental Health, Prison Reform, & Kid’s With A Higher Learning Standard, who are classified as Special Needs to name a few. You will stumble upon facts and wisdom broken down in a non-doctoral way metaphorically speaking, connecting with every age group.


Thank You for your purchase and support.

Toast to change, as you strive within each milestone to becoming a better version of self.


10% of proceeds are going towards raising awareness for Children With A Higher Learning Standard, Prison Reform and Boil Water Advisory. Your contribution is of quality, "True Knowledge is True Wealth codes to life shared in amalgamation of wise seekers." Be among the first to pre-order, the actual B.O.K Part 1 release date is in celebration of thy Author's Earth Day 10/30/1991 a star was born; later followed by multiple options to purchase B.O.K Part 1 on all major platforms. Tell a friend to tell a neighbor about this great read.


Help us continue raising funding with our large community pop-up shop food drives, with the purchase or donation towards Book Of Keyz Part 1. BOK PT 1 disclaimer, book images on the website & social media are book mocks. Measurements are not final or considered accurate until the actual live publishing & distribution of Book Of Keyz Part 1 comes out and made available to the public. Please be advise these mock images are promotion images only before purchase.

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