Blonka Movement Non-Profit Organization

501 (c) (3)

Specialized in Environmental Emergency Relief Assistance

Advocate for Stop the Violence, Boil Water Advisory, Feed the Hungry, Criminal Justice Reform, Racial Injustice, Education and Economic Advancement,

Public Speaking, Educational Mentorship

Big Brother & Big Sister Mentorship

Entrepreneur Scholarship Funding

Headquarters in Louisiana 

Outreach Services Nationwide

11th Anniversary: $150,000 Contribution 

For: Feeding & Clothing The Homeless

Raising Funding For 

" Book Of Keyz Part 1 "

Now available on &

Proceeds raised are in the continuance of our "Feed the Hungry, Clothe the Hungry, Stop the Violence Events and Boil Water Advisory donation assistance; due to a local & global issue.  To remain active with pure efforts, we are sponsored in-house 1st then we work with outside companies to fulfill a bigger mission. We believe in not waiting for assistance and bridging the Gap.  Ten percent of all proceeds raise awareness for Kids with Special Needs, Prison Reform, Boil Water Advisory, and Increasing Financial Literacy across America taught in B.O.K Part 1.

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