Featured Student: Drum Major "Christopher"


Acceptance to Morehouse

Excellent job, and remember to whom much is given much is required. Setting the tone and raising the bar high. Your efforts and dedication have redefined excellence. Continue leading by example and keep up the great work.

Judge Harry Cantrell

I support the Blonka Movement and her efforts to restore the community and uplift the youth. She truly cares and is leading by example as a productive citizen

Mr. Lester Wilson

The Blonka Movement is impressive to me because the focus is on people or groups in the community that do positive things. In my case, I like the awareness the Blonka Movement shared on me, my students, and my school, Kipp Renaissance. Too often, we see and hear about negative things that are happening in our communities. It is refreshing to see positive stories about people, organizations, etc. Keep up the good work. Please continue to show the work of dedicated teachers/students. Sincerely, Lester Wilson, Band Director at KIPP Renaissance High School

Kipp Renaissance High School

 ( 2017)


Lisa & Louis

Blonka and her team have been helping us out providing me and my husband with food and clothes. I love what her organization represents. 

There's nothing she wouldn't do to help someone in need. My life will never be the same, many people walked past me as I was sleeping on the ground time and time again under the Claiborne bridge. Many times I was robbed and couldn't sleep, my clothes and food were stolen. Blonka is a hero and her team is the blessing that answered my PRAYERS. God Bless and thank you for everything you have done to help us.

Mr.Connor Murphy



Thank you so much for your recognition of the school, the band, and its members. I like the approach you are taking to draw the community's attention to music programs and their importance. Your recognition serves to motivate these students to continue putting their best efforts forth. 


Connor Murphy 

Grace King High School

Director of Music

Grace King High School 

 ( 2018)


Mr. Philip Veneziano

 On Valentine’s Day my special needs classroom was honored by the Blonka Movement. My students were expecting a small class party with the usual chalky-heart candy, exchanging cards, and creating something for their families.  What they received instead was a party I’m sure they will remember for years to come. The Blonka Movement honored each student with a certificate celebrating their differences and a personalized Valentine’s Day basket, complete with chocolates and a stuffed animal etc. What stood out to me more than anything else, was the way Blonka and her associate became part of our class family. Instead of dropping off gifts, taking a few pictures, and leaving; they celebrated with us. Since that day, the Blonka Movement has maintained and fostered a relationship with my students.  Students like mine don’t often get to expericance this degree of love and dedication from people outside of their school community and for that I am eternally grateful.


-Phil Veneziano

Raphael Academy 

 ( 2019-2020)


  The inspiration behind our, Reach One Teach One Program is the everyday role model who encourages everyone including the youth to "Be Yourself ." While advocating for Mental Health & Suicide awareness; none other than Ellen DeGeneres.

    The Founder of the Blonka Movement has been intrigued with Ellen's ability to  be transparent and selfless putting people first. Maneuvering through critics reaching triumph while teaching the Universe how to look pass color and identifying with the character of the person.

    As a token of our appreciation we've implemented "Creative Awards" to connect & acknowledge the youth while creating change within the community and school system . Prestigious awards bestowed upon Paragon leaders in the community with an educational background that goes above & beyond to keep extracurricular programs. BM Raise awareness towards Music, Band and Orchestra, Special Needs Programs, and uplifting Mental Health Advocates etc.The impact of being honored by thy: Blonka Movement Degeneres Motto Program "has changed the perception on who our youth can become setting the bar higher". 

Perks of being honored: CEO Guest Panel Q&A, which can include Honorable Judges, Business CEO's, Political Speakers, NFL Athletes, Staff Associates etc. 

DeGeneres Motto Awards Below,

   Kipp Renaissance High School, 2017

recipients of, " The Stop the Violence Highest Achievement Award, DeGeneres Motto. - Honoree, Director, Mr. Lester Wilson.

   Grace King High School, 2018

recipients of, " Pandora's Box Highest Achievement Award, DeGeneres Motto.- Honoree, Director Mr. Connor Murphy.

   Raphael Academy, 2019- 2020

recipients of, "Be Yourself Award," DeGeneres Motto. Honoree Teacher Mr. Philip Veneziano.

   Each Honoree received different perks including a mix of donations, balloon's & gift baskets, spa gift cards, Donations on behalf of Styll Water and a day of awareness.

  Possible Media coverage to shed light on the school, teachers, student body and staff. Media allows the honoree a chance to share there story to the public including hardships, and achievements. Making the public aware on how they can support with a moment of recognition.