A life of travel was only the beginning for a young girl whose mom joined the Navy when she was just a baby.  


Do you know how the Blonka Movement Non-Profit Organization originated??

During Blonka's Freshman Year at her favorite HBCU, known as Southern University A&M, was where her purpose found her. At the peak of her freshman year of college, Ms. Trena Mack Blonka's mother insisted she remains discipline and focuses on her studies. At the time, she was going through a freshman phase where she wanted a part-time job while in school, but Ms. Trena had another plan that didn't involve a 9-5 for her daughter. So with change on her mind and heart to help underserved communities from which she came from, Blonka purpose found her. 

B.M's first feed and clothe the hungry drive was funded by the humble contribution of Blonka's high school class ring. Talk about humble beginnings; there was nothing material that could distract this young philanthropist and soon-to-be a limitless mogul. All of the B.M events, donations, merch, and more have been funded in-house since 2009, with no Government Aid acquired. The motto instilled was to bet on (ourselves) and meet good halfway. The meaning behind that statement is to do the work. Ask through prayer for the resource to help God's people, and the rest is history.  

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